At NOSCO, Direct Searchers perform the entire search process from A-Z.

The Direct Searcher conducts all candidate interviews, provides feedback, and takes reference checks. Ref. Search Methodology.

We focus on sectors and/or functions for which our Searchers can leverage their extensive sector/functional expertise and networks, to source the best possible Candidates.

Executive level to middle management, and specialist roles for loyal Clients.

Exclusivity for each search.

Retainer-based fixed fee with milestone billing – first invoice at the start of the search, second invoice upon presentation of an agreed short list of Candidates, final invoice when the selected Candidate signs an employment contract. Ref. Value for Money

We perform in-depth interviews and provide Candidate reports covering formal education, previous career, analysis of Candidate profile vs. Client requirements, motivation, package requirements and availability.

Client’s internal or external Candidates or are included in the process, without additional fees.


Profile and Process definition

  • Define the Client’s internal hiring process (stages, people involved)
  • Establish detailed profile requirements with Client
  • Obtain Client consensus on 5 essential and 3 desirable criteria
  • Agreement on target deadlines

Reference checks and offer assistance

  • Conduct reference checks and provide written reports
  • At Client’s request, assist in offer development for the final candidate and follow upon the resignation process
  • Follow up the appointed Candidate in his/her integration

Market screening and potential Candidate identification/interviews

  • Market intelligence, establishment of target company list
  • Establishment of long-list of potential Candidates
  • Approach & screen potential Candidates to narrow down selection (intermediary list)
  • Candidate calibration through in-depth interviews

Development of short-list of Candidates

  • Provide Candidate reports and organize Client interviews
  • Gain and exchange feedback from Candidates and Client
  • Organize subsequent meetings with retained Candidate(s)

value for money

NOSCO’s fee policy is not simply based on the traditional percentage-of-package principle.

In our view, fees must reflect the difficulty of the specific assignment.  Factors coming into play are o.a.  the attractiveness of the business sector, the reputation of the company, the position itself and its location, and the scarcity of potential Candidates.

Fees are always pre-agreed fixed amounts, not depending on the package that is agreed with the final Candidate.  This approach ensures our objectivity in advising our Clients.

Our fees are all-inclusive: no additional expenses will be invoiced, unless pre-agreed with Clients.


The Candidate follow-up that is performed during the integration of the Candidate in his new organization allows to anticipate and address any potential problem in a timely manner.

We must nevertheless accept that even the best-managed search cannot totally eliminate the risk that is inherent to each hiring process.

At NOSCO we therefore guarantee each Candidate hired during the first 6 months of employment.

Under the following circumstances, we commit ourselves to a replacement, providing the Candidate profile and employment conditions remains unchanged:

  • the Candidate is dismissed by the Client for reasons of serious failure to perform
  • the Candidate resigns from the Client’s organization, and said resignation is not the result of the Client’s failure to perform his obligations, nor a result of a restructuring or reorganization of the Client’s organization.


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